Dreamray is a fully integrated, total solutions marketing, advertising, web development and video production company. We can provide the answer for all of your marketing needs including design, development and print production for collateral, websites, web applications and outdoor advertising, design and video production for interactive and mobile media, television and radio.

In addition to our marketing, advertising, web and video services, we have developed a line of web-based and traditional communication products. These products include TV Home Page, PDF Live, PDA Live and TV Presentation. Our video production and post-production capabilities range from High Definition web deployed videos to broadcast television commercials and industrial video presentations that can be delivered in virtually all multi-media formats.
TIREMAX does one thing, and one thing only: They sell name brand tires and wheels with excellence. You see, when you buy a tire from them, they believe you are purchasing a relationship, and they want to amaze you! They work hard every day to win your business by satisfying your concerns for safety...
So what is PDA Live? Well the technology is as the name implies, incorporating a